Designated Broker

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Bevans Real Estate - Dallas-Fort Worth, TX

1995 to Present

We sell Fine Homes, Farms & Ranches, Business Real Estate; We have trained and mentored 25+ Bevans

Agents Serving North Texas since 1987;

*The Mission for Our Agents: To get the Client the best possible price, in the shortest amount of time, with perfect form, professional service, and integrity beyond reproach; which leads to...

*THE Most Significant accomplishments; Repeat Clients that make repeated Multi-Million Dollar Production possible for an Independent Boutique Brokerage Operation; also known a Results.

Commercial Real Estate Manager

Wirt Davis II, Investments - Dallas, TX

March 1984 to December 1994

Property Management Duties; Mixed Use Portfolio of Retail Centers & Industrial Properties; Land

Development/Sales; Lease Administration.

*Build-to-Suit Project Manager; National Retail.

National Association of Realtors

February 2000 to Present

Full Member NAR, with Corresponding Affiliate Memberships In:

Texas Association of Realtors

Iowa Association of Realtors

Contact Info:

972-816-0426 Texas

515-612-8142 Iowa